The 2022 Client Experience Report

Transform your financial advice business with actionable insights from 250,000+ clients

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By applying everything in this report, the average adviser with capacity could….


Onboard an additional 13 clients, worth £325k lifetime revenue, per year


Increase their new client conversion rate from 40% to 58%


Increase their number of client recommendations by more than half

The Report’s Mission

The 2022 Client Experience Report is the first time we’ve undertaken a full scale analysis of the prospect and client reviews on Using 1 million+ data points from 250,000+ reviews, we’ve identified the key factors that create great client experiences and grow advice businesses. It’s the most comprehensive analysis of client experience ever undertaken in the UK advice industry.

We’re making our findings available through this report and also through our Elevation platform with a view to helping advice firms deliver consistently brilliant experiences for their clients. As well as meet their Consumer Duty responsibilities.

There are significant commercial benefits to getting this stuff right. There are important societal benefits too. Millions of people defer or completely ignore financial advice, often at a significant cost to their wellbeing.

If implemented, the insights in this report should help generate better outcomes for those considering advice, as well as existing clients.

We hope you find the report valuable and welcome any feedback.

Alex Whitson
Managing Director, VouchedFor

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We’re extremely grateful to those people who contributed to the report:

Stuart Phillips, CEO, The Private Office (TPO)
Phil Bray, Founder, The Yardstick Agency
Setul Mehta, Head of Business Development & Adviser Services, The Openwork Partnership
Helena Wardle, Chartered Financial Planner, Smith and Wardle Financial Planning
Sian MacInnes, Chartered Financial Planner, Philip James Financial Services
Chris Budd, Chairman, Initiative For Financial Wellbeing
Chris Shaw, Director, Dundas Consulting (formerly Savings Champion, TPO and Chase de Vere)
Ben Wright, Founder, Change Squared

If you have any questions, please get in touch. You can reach us via email at

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