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Get a Consumer Duty Report trusted by 1,000s of advisers

Elevation gives you a personalised report, powered by client feedback, showing your scores against the four Consumer Duty outcomes.

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Client feedback, turbocharged

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How you are doing

See your firm’s scores against the 4 Consumer Duty outcomes.

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What good looks like

Learn how you compare against industry averages.

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Gap analysis

Gain clarity on what to include in your Consumer Duty response.

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The business case

Understand how these factors could boost your revenue.

In addition to the Consumer Duty Report, Elevation helps you:

  • Improve conversion of prospective clients by creating brilliant first impressions
  • Generate more recommendations from existing clients
  • Mitigate risk by identifying issues before they snowball into complaints

How can I get my Consumer Duty Report?​

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1. We’ll work with you to invite feedback from your clients using the Elevation platform. Feedback will be private to you; it will not be made public online* or shared with the regulator.

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2. You’ll see all your client experience data on Elevation’s intuitive dashboards.

3. You can download your Consumer Duty Report showing your scores against each of the four outcomes, including your scores for clients in vulnerable circumstances.

What is the Consumer Duty

The FCA has published its final Consumer Duty paper. The new rules are very significant in their scope.

Many of the specific outcomes and rules are consistent with previous regulations (including PROD and TCF rules). However, the Duty also contains overarching requirements around monitoring, vulnerability, culture, governance and accountability.

Advice firms will need to evidence outcomes, using the resulting data to drive all levels of organisational decisions.

Firms must comply with the new rules by July 31st 2023.


What is Elevation?

Elevation, from VouchedFor, helps you deliver consistently brilliant client experiences. By analysing over 250,000 clients’ feedback, VouchedFor have identified the factors which make the biggest positive difference to client experience.

The Elevation platform uses carefully engineered questions within a client survey to reveal how advice firms are tracking against these client experience drivers. The insights it offers advice firms help you to drive advocacy from existing clients, improve conversion of prospective clients, and mitigate risk by identifying issues early. It also helps you evidence your commitment to the new Consumer Duty.

*Elevation feedback is completely private to you, unless you already have a public profile on VouchedFor. In this case, the relevant parts of your clients’ feedback will also power your public profile.


1. How much is the Consumer Duty Report

The price depends on how many advisers are at your firm. Please request a report now to speak to one of our team. 

2. How does the Consumer Duty Report work?

The Elevation team has spent the last year testing and engineering questions to help advice firms understand the client experience they are delivering and how they can improve it.

The Consumer Duty Report is generated by sending a survey to clients. Answers to this survey will produce a report showing your main strengths and weaknesses vs the Consumer Duty requirements, as well as how you compare to industry averages and how you can improve.

In sharing the report with you, the Elevation team will outline how implementing the factors within your report could increase prospect conversion and generate more client recommendations.

3. How long does it take to generate the report?

The current lead time is 2 weeks but it depends how quickly you can complete the template needed to power the report.

4. What if I request a report and then change my mind?

There is no commitment. You can request a Consumer Duty Report using the form above but if on the launch call you decide it’s not for you, no problem.

Feedback or questions? We’d love to hear from you. Please email customer_service@vouchedfor.co.uk.

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